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The best solutions for hotel room renovations is our uniquely registered HOSpeed® concept. A concept developed by us in which your hotel room is renovated in just a few days * The associated nuisance and pressure on the occupancy rate remains limited for the hotel

We are specialized in

  • Investering en rendements analyse
  • Identiteitsonderzoek
  • ROI model opstellen
  • PVE opstellen
  • Inkoop coördineren
  • Projectmanagement
  • Interieurontwerp
  • Concept branding en marketing

What does HOSpeed® do?

Our HOSpeed model is based on a renovation model that requires at least 3 months of preparation time. The customer receives a total price per room that is pre-determined incl. Our costs. A return calculation is also made based on the investment. Then it is then that we can then completely renovate 5 rooms per week. In practice, the first room is two days, but during the rest of the process it runs to 5 rooms per week. Our HOSPeed model also includes the delivery times of carpet, furniture and special furniture where we work with permanent parties. The advantage is that we completely relieve the customer. So you only have to deal with one point of contact. For example, we supervise the entire project with its own project manager who coordinates the construction and a project manager who monitors the quality and interior.

Why HOSpeed®

  • Unburdening
    We take care of everything for you
  • Fast
    Everything within 1 day
  • Friendly
    Always provide the best service
  • Satisfaction
    We are only ready when everyone is satisfied

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