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An absolute win win system for the client but also for his guests! The HOSpeed® concept is a proprietary, uniquely developed, protected working model in which the complete renovation up to and including delivery, according to this working model, is carried out within the set preparation time. With our own developed and advanced software, we can immediately perform financial return checks on operations and services, resulting in a maximum turnover result! This allows the hotelier to quickly assess the best return in his situation and make decisions based on that. The client always receives a total price in advance and, if desired, per room incl. All additional costs. If you want to finance the renovation, we can also offer the client the necessary advice and support, so that the financing proceeds quickly and successfully.

The power of HOSPeed®

The greatest strength of HOSpeed® is our unique preparation process with in-depth interviews, analyzes, etc. Only working in this way guarantees a flawless process! As a result, HOSpeed® can completely renovate no less than 5 rooms per week. The HOSPeed® concept also includes the delivery times of carpet, furniture and special furniture. Another important advantage is that we completely unburden the customer. In addition, the rooms will be available again as quickly and maximally as possible, which will only add to the pressure on the occupancy rate and turnover.


HOSpeed® can directly purchase many brands and thus realize very competitive purchase prices for the client. If desired, an open book calculation can also be used. As a result, the client is constantly kept open and transparent.


And not to forget sustainability is also of paramount importance to us. In this way, all old materials are recycled as much as possible. All the old sheet material is reused in new sheet material and old curtains are recycled into new yarns. Old chairs can also be reused in a surprisingly creative way. Circular economy at its best! Circulaire economie ten top!