What do we offer Everything in one

HOSpeed® is a project management advice and purchasing agency with a smart focus on construction and real estate projects within (international) catering businesses. We can also facilitate the complete project design of your real estate project through our own sharp purchasing. Thanks to an open book calculation, you always have full insight into these publications. That is a prerequisite for us! Fair and transparent but also able to deliver sharply. We only work with specialized professionals who have years of experience with large international hospitality companies and investment companies. This expertise combined in one company is ready to facilitate you as a strong team in your real estate project.


We know the problems and the associated consequences of renovation and construction activities within your 24/7 organization where the high expectations of your guests and / or travelers come first, regardless of whether this is a hotel or restaurant. We know from our own experience how important it is to work closely with the Operations team, respecting and adapting to their working environment and operational challenges.

A mission

Working in an environment where the core business runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week requires special qualities from people who manage these construction sites. Add to that the many stakeholders involved, difficult logistics, different (company) cultures and safety sensitivity and you have the perfect environment where the specialists of HOSpeed® find their mission. In HOSpeed®'s vision, project management not only manages the project; it also understands, through its own experience, the operational needs and sensitivities of the project and how to best deal with it. Good communication is therefore the key to the success of projects in 24/7 operational conditions. Not only within the project team but especially also with the operational teams.

Shell Project Management

HOSpeed® firmly believes in working according to "projects by the numbers" and a proven "Shell Project Management" methodology.