Over ons Who is HOSpeed®

HOSpeed® was developed by Ab Oosterhof from his own, negative, experiences. Ultimately, this led to this unique concept in which hotel room renovations can be renovated within 1 day through an intensive preparation process and unique cooperation with various preferred partners, so that the KPI does not place great pressure on the management team, personnel and occupancy rate, among other things.

Onze expertise

HOSpeed® consists of a team of experienced Hospitality specialists who specialize in the design and renovation of hotel rooms and the design and renovation of holiday parks. In addition to our expertise, we can also facilitate all hotel supplies, from standard to luxury hotel beds, hotel furnishings or very chic hotel interiors, but together with our partnerships we also realize solutions in hotel ICT services. In other words, a complete FF&E, OS&E and ICT process. We also advise on replacing expensive energy-consuming installations and we advise which light sources, such as LED lighting, can best be used. You cannot just replace a lamp for an LED luminaire. Too often the quality turns out to be insufficient, causing unwanted vibrations in the light image or the light is too cool. Hoteliers are also regularly at odds with the municipality or inspectors from the fire brigade to meet all fire regulations or fire safety requirements, which often leads to extra high cos

Unieke meerwaarde en samenwerking

Our unique added value is that we fully deploy our expertise and experiences for the benefit of the customer. Mistakes are tackled in advance by making analyzes with all those involved, such as hoteliers, hotel (general) managers, but also with interior designers. In addition, HOSpeed® mediates in the purchase of catering furniture, hotel beds and other furnishings and accessories in order to achieve the most competitive purchase price for our customer. If desired, we also deliver turnkey! This way of working together leads to significant cost savings in hotel renovations and prevents expensive (design) errors. HOSpeed® has developed its own and unique way of working together, so that the client always has to deal with only one point of contact. At HOSpeed®, the organization of the project management is structured in such a way that a very efficient and short renovation process is created. From building preparation to delivery, including housing.


HOSpeed® works together with the following partners:
  • Michou van Gennip, Interieurarchitect
  • Ellen Kiers, Interieurarchitect
  • Laura Vellinga Interieurarchitect
  • Angelique Fokker, grafisch designer
  • JA! Strategie en ontwerp concept en marketing
  • Hjelmer Zondervan bouwkundig expert
  • Paul Rijfkogel Facilitair expert
  • Busschers projectmeubelstoffering
  • C-Lant
  • Metaalmorfose
  • S-Bit
  • Moresenze
  • Hemlock

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